today's choice spiritual or material

Today’s Choice Spiritual or Material

Today’s Choice Spiritual or Material. Planet Pluto and Today’s Collapsing Society.Planet Pluto in Mythology. In mythology Pluto and Proserpina, his wife ruled over the Spirits of the nether world, where burns the Eternal Fire. This fire corresponds to the procreating life force, so Pluto is the powerhouse of the planetary family.

  Pluto or Plutocrat means wealth, being applied to him because corn, the wealth of early times, was sent from beneath the earth as his gift. Plutus, the God of Wealth represented as blind, indicating that when man focuses his attention on not Spiritual, but material things, humanity fails to see the more worthy natural gifts around them. As has been said, “the love and lust of material want over spiritual is the root of disease and unhappiness.”

In these latter times, we are finally beginning to get at the roots of emotional diseases and are being forced to conclude that life cannot be well lived unless it is based on a philosophy of a balance of spiritual and material consciousness to manifest rational, healthy, constructive, loving, and happy releases.

Today’s Choice Spiritual or Material

Steven Monahan

The remedy for emotional diseases is found in enlightened, spiritualized education, plus the vitalized determination to live healthy, expressive, beautiful, and loving lives, in relation to self and to others. In this way, the desire for wealth and material resources is transmuted and expressed in terms that make for positive evolution, as well as the redemption of karmic debts into spiritualized consciousness.