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Hi, I’m Darryll Stinson a former Division 1 athlete who played for a top #25 football program and legendary coach, Butch Jones. Now as an entrepreneur I’ve been mentored by top 100 business coach David Meltzer, #1 Leadership Expert John C. Maxwell and coached by leading speakers like Les Brown, Pete Vargas, Pat Quinn, Roger Love, and more.

I tell you this because Steve is the best of the best when it comes to mastering life and experiencing all its joy and wonder. If you truly endeavor to change the world and desire a mentor to help you live in your full potential, and walk-in Joy all the days of your life — Steve Monahan’s coaching is the solution you’ve been searching for. Get started today.

Recommendation by: Darryll Stinson. | Best-selling Author | Public Speaker ] Best Seller, “Win At All Costs — Except Your Mental Health” | 2xTEDx Speaker | National Keynote Speaker | Speaker Coach |

My Teaching is Chalice Over Blade – Beyond the Matrix.

Hi, I’m Steven Monahan. Every day I feel joy and awe for life. We live in a truly wonderful world. While we are living through trying times we are still truly fortunate. They say life is a journey. And it has certainly been an amazing one for me. I have risen to the heights and walked through the depths of the valley of death. Each struggle brought with it a new awakening. A higher rising, becoming more in love with the magnificence of life.

The Chalice

The Chalice represents the nurturing, sustaining, and restorative values of thinking. The chalice’s power is rooted in its anabolic, expansive, fearless, empathic, unconditional, grateful, awe-inspired, flowing, experiential, open, energy source, It fosters the ability to engender creative sustainable innovation, resulting in tremendous influence in how social organizations grow in consciousness and evolve into the voices of all partnership member societies. It is predominately in the two right brain hemispheres. Outside the Matrix.

The Blade

The blade is the symbol of unawakened living. Living an unconscious physical only life. It is an ego-dominated, dominant life of destruction and spiritual and bodily death. It is thinking that is competitive, cautious, fear-based stern, conditional, doubting, bullying, manipulative, self-promoting, and an either-or, egocentric driven thinking. The power of the blade is therefore unsatiable and unsustainable as it is rooted in fear, domination, and the constant threat and use of force. In Jungian, it is the deep dark shadow side of our personality. It is predominately the thinking of the two catabolic energy left brain hemisphere thinking. Inside the Matrix.

Steven’s coaching focuses on raising one’s level of Consciousness. Guiding you to ‘Know Thyself”

Learn that you cannot seek a Spiritual life. You already are a spiritual life. You are a spiritual having a physical life. Steven awakens you from the dream to the highest grandest purpose for your life. To find your physical life purpose. Clarify your life’s intention. Learn how you will use your time, money, and talent. Learn to live from the inside out. Living in Awe & Wonder each day. Learn how to live in the moment and decide what to do at this moment and the next moment. Learning to trust your inner guidance, and act from inside guidance, not outside confusion and uncertainty. You learn to align your personality with your soul. Your purpose and your being become one.


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