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Life’s top 45 success if only’s excuses.Many people who do not succeed have one distinguishing trait in common.They know all the reasons for failure and very few of the reasons for success. They have what they believe to be airtight reasons to explain away their own lack of success in business and life.

I call them Life’s “IF ONLY’S”.  Here is our coaching list of the top 45 “IF ONLY’S” we’ve heard in our thirty-year career of hiring and coaching. As you read the list, examine yourself carefully and determine how many of these “IF ONLY” excuses you may have used for not succeeding in an endeavor. If you have used them, or some are currently your go to “IF ONLY’S” acknowledge them, get over them, and make it your success goal to never utter “IF ONLY” again.


  1. If only I were younger.
  2. If only I were older.
  3. If only I could only do what I want.
  4. If only I had been born rich.
  5. If only I could meet “the right people”
  6. If only I had the talent that some people have.
  7. If only I dared to assert myself.
  8. If only I had embraced past opportunities.
  9. If only people didn’t get on my nerves.
  10. If only I didn’t have to keep house and look after the children.
  11. If only I could save some money.
  12. If only the boss appreciated me more.
  13. If only I had somebody to help me.
  14. If only my family understood me.
  15. If only I could just get started.
  16. If only I had the personality of some people.
  17. If only my real talents were known.
  18. If only I could just get a “break”.
  19. If only I could get out of debt.
  20. If only I hadn’t failed.
  21. If only I knew how.
  22. If only I didn’t have a wife and family.
  23. If only I had more money.
  24. If only I had a better education.
  25. If only I had good health.
  26. If I only had more time.
  27. If only the economy was better.
  28. If only other people understood me.
  29. If only conditions around me were different.
  30. If only I could start my life over again.
  31. If only I did not fear what “they” would say.
  32. If only I had been given a chance.
  33. If only other people didn’t “have it in for me”.
  34. If only everybody wasn’t against me.
  35. If only I could marry the right person.
  36. If only people weren’t so dumb.
  37. If only my spouse was not so extravagant.
  38. If only I were sure of myself.
  39. If only luck was not against me.
  40. If only I had not been born under the wrong star.
  41. If only I lived in a different city.
  42. If only I didn’t have a “past”.
  43. If only I had my own business.
  44. If only I hadn’t lost my money.
  45. If only other people would listen to me.

Steven Monahan is a former fortune 100 Senior Executive. He is CEO of the Steven Monahan Companies, which include Steven Monahan Executive Search & Coaching, Atlanta GA. and Black Swan Publishing, Atlanta GA. Steven is the author of five books including top 50 Business & Career Book – The One Thing 66 Day Workbook