Trade Wars History of Money

Trade Wars History of Money.



Money is power – it is life – it is death.

Throughout human history and into today, the Rulers, the Kings, and the Nations with the most money controlled the world. Money, in and of itself is neither good nor bad. What we do with money is the issue, and has been for every culture and society. We can build a hospital in Africa, to care for people in need. Or alternatively, we can build an arsenal of nuclear missiles and destroy humanity.

Furthermore money is not one-dimensional. If you ask most people, what is money? They will pull out a dollar bill, or whatever paper currency that their country prints, and say, “this is money.”

Money, however is deeper than that. They could pull out their plastic credit card, or debit card and that also would be money. They could use that plastic, versus the paper they showed you and buy whatever they want as well. This cheap encoded with computer code is also money. Gold and silver coins or bars are also money. Paper pieces of paper called Stock Certificates are also money, as are simple metal tokens to pay for a subway ride. The “money” sitting in your designated account at your bank is no more than electronic digits on a mainframe somewhere.

The standard, non-emotional definition of money is this. “Money is any good that is widely used and accepted in transactions involving the transfer of goods and services from one person to another.” Economists generally list three different types of money: commodity money, fiat money, and bank money. Commodity money is a something that serves as the value of money.

Gold coins are an example of commodity money. In most countries, commodity money has been replaced with fiat money. Fiat money is good; the value of which is less than the value it represents as money. Dollar bills are an example of fiat money because their value as slips of printed paper is less than their value as money. Bank money consists of the book credit that banks extend to their depositors. Transactions made using checks drawn on deposits held at banks involve the use of bank money.

In our just released money book BITCOIN FOR VIRGINS we cover the basics on the new paradigm of money – Cryptocurrency – particularly Bitcoin. We will start off with a broad overview of just what is money. Money is not as simple as most people think. To start off, it is an accounting system and a means of exchange. We will go into a brief history of money from Barter, to Tokens, to Chinese Flying money, then to gold and silver and then to notes, and finally into what we use as money today.

We then move to defining just what Bitcoin is. With the overview of what is money and its history it become clear just how Bitcoin and all encrypted 21st century money fits into the picture, and help you see why Bitcoin is not only money but the many advantages it has over todays unsecured, third-party controlled sovereign States money.

We then take you to the nuts and bolts of how to purchase Bitcoin in the U.S and Globally, How to sell it, Where you can spend it, where to store it and finally the Global political and legal issues Countries are putting into place to try to control the private, free and open borders benefits of Bitcoin.

Trade Wars History of Money. For the past 100,000 years  of barter and trade there have only been five revolutionary changes in what the world has called money. Cryptocurrency led by Bitcoin will become the sixth iteration of money. We are living in a new era, traveling into exciting, but uncharted waters.

If you want to understand the changing world of money, learn about Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital coins and how to purchase, invest in, sell  and use this new paradigm of trade then purchase Bitcoin Guide For Virgins. In an insightful  30 minute read you will be on your way to succeeding in this brave new age of money and trade.

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