Why Do You Want to Publish a Book

Why do you want to publish a book? You may start out wanting to become a writer or publish a book for the money or fame. You may get both, but as you get into writing you will find that it is a gift. A gift not only to you but to the world as well. Don’t underestimate the gift of writing, you will find that it is a select and secret honor, and one of the last noble professions, traditions, and rites of passage into the higher world of being human.

At Story Book Publishing “We Tell Great Stories”

I bet their is an amazing story within you, waiting to be told. Sharing your life, your hopes, your fears, and your dreams is an honorable act. People love stories and they want to know what life has been for others. Sharing your inner thoughts will be a tonic not only for you , but for a world thirsting for truth.

Everyone Has A Story to Tell

Everyone has a story within them. Don’t worry about becoming a writer. Trust me, no one is born a writer, or a doctor or a bricklayer or any profession. We start our journey guided by the ideas and opinions, of our parents, and then friends, and then others.

But, if lucky we soon seek a path of our own choosing. A new path, one never traveled before, that leads us to something that fits us perfectly. It’s uncomfortable at first, but like writing, by doing it day by day, we go from simply performing a job, to one day living a vocation and a passion with purpose and meaning.

Writing Matters

Writing matters. Writing a book expands your mind, enriches your spirit and opens your heart. You will find that writing will lead to more reading, and decrease your sense of isolation in a global world. Writing a book expands your circle, connects you to others, and rekindles your hope and faith for the future.

When you write and then publish a book you will be, as writer Anne Lamott said: a lighthouse that shines a bright light for others to see clearer. Lighthouses don’t go running around all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.

Why is Story Book publishing different?

We are Storytellers. We are creatives and communicators, authors and writers just like you. You can, therefore, feel confident in our desire and professional skills to design, market and publish your book.

Hi, I’m Steven Monahan the founder of Story Book publishing.  Prior to becoming a writer, author and now publisher, I was a corporate executive with two of the largest fortune 100 global firms. I loved it for many years, but after a while, I felt constrained, bored and frankly doing something I no longer had a passion for. So, I flew the coop. I took a huge financial and life risk, and left a cushy, but confining corporate world to pursue a new passion. It was one of the better moves in my life and my career. A decade later I feel deep within me that my calling has been realized. The risk was worth the reward in happiness. Today I feel alive. It was a bit dicey at times, but I became the self-reliant writer, author, and publisher I hoped to become. Today, I feel happy that I can show others how to become self-reliant, empowered and fulfilled as well; by writing and publishing their own great story, for all the world to hear.

Book Publishing Has Changed

We started Story Book, an Indie Publishing House because as one inside the writing and publishing field we saw that book publishing, as it was being done for the past one hundred and fifty years in the industrial age was swiftly changing. Traditional publishing was quickly being disrupted by technology. The old line big five publishers were being displaced by advances in on demand printing, open source technology and new ways to publish books quickly, efficiently and less expensive. The Big five gatekeepers could no longer bar the doors and prevent creative authors and artists from getting their works published.

The internet broke the big five publishers monopoly on who could get a book published Writes now have a new and better option. They can now publish their books through the new age of publishing: Indie Publishing. Indie publishing firms like ours opened the door to all authors, not just a select group to become bestselling authors. Today the majority of books published are by Indie authors and publishers.

“Making a difficult job easy”

We help creatives like you to be purveyors of ideas and knowledge. We help writers just like you to you become a respected authority in your field. How? By becoming a published author with authority and credibility in your field of expertise your control your future.

We handle all of the critical creative, technical, publishing, distributing and marketing aspects for your book.

  1. Book Strategy; Who is your audience, what is your message, what is unique about your book, what is your writer’s voice.
  2. Book Design. Interior and exterior design
  3. Custom cover design. Covers sell books
  4. Interior design layout. Look professional and genre appropriate.
  5. We provide the required EIN numbers to sell your book.
  6. We physically print and publish all the books in the USA.
  7. We distribute your book to global, national and local bookstores, libraries. And online through Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and other power book retailers.
  8. We distribute your book not only in the USA but globally in the UK, Canada, Europe, the Far East, and India.
  9. We can publish your book not only as a beautiful print book but as a digital Kindle book as well.


Questions? Please email us at Steven@StevenMonahan.com